Design Process


Initial Consultation (2 HOURS on site, 2 HOURS behind the scenes):
Typically this takes place at the house, where I walk through each room and provide recommendations based on questions I ask about your lifestyle, entertaining, family needs, and more. This is an invaluable opportunity to establish that you enjoy the joint creative process and appreciate the ideas and suggestions being made.

Working with an interior designer is like adding a member to your family. I want the chance to get to know you and determine your lifestyle, habits, preferences, and direction you are headed. The goal in design is to stay one step ahead of where you are so that the finished project provides a timely solution at completion.

Written Road Map and Project Investment (Based on Consultation):
I put together a room by room written plan (not blueprints, those come later) according to the discoveries made in the Initial Consultation. I also apply hours to each part of the project at this time, completing the project estimate in time and furnishings investment. Coupled with my letter of agreement, this design detail initiates the project.

Space Planning:
Each living space on your plan is completely space planned working from the written blueprint. This establishes the optimal flow through each room as well as the scale and proportion of furnishings to be selected.

Color & Fabric Scheme:
Typically rug selection, or artwork are the starting point of establishing the color scheme and a direction for fabric selection. Following selection of a family of rugs or a significant piece of artwork to launch the project, a presentation is made with options for colors and fabrics for each living space, with particular attention paid to continuity throughout the spaces for a well coordinated, tailored look that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your project. This includes selection of bedding for each bedroom and drapery fabrics throughout, and/or other window treatment options.

Every piece of upholstery, all tables and case goods are selected. All large pieces are submitted for approval, often by email photo, fax or FedEx hard copy if you are located out of town, and in person when convenient. Smaller pieces such as accent tables, lamps, pillows, throws, accessories, additional artwork, and greenery (silk or live, depending on your preference) are provided for approval if the project is within a 5 hour radius, if not these goods are also submitted for general approval by email photo, fax, or FedEx hard copy.

All custom goods are placed on order, often short ship programs are available to ensure meeting the 30-90 day completion. In the event any goods will take longer, you are apprised. All goods in stock are purchased and delivered to a warehouse to hold for installation.

Painting/Wallpapering/Faux Effects:
Any painting that needs to be done, wallpaper to install or faux effects to be applied is done during the interval that goods are on order. Most often this is the second month of a 90 day turn around, sometimes it can take place in the second week in an all stock (no special orders) project. Paint touch ups are scheduled following flooring installation.

Flooring Changes:
Following painting, any flooring changes desired and designed are made. This can included carpet, hardwood, tile, cork, stone and more.

With the interior shell transformation complete or being enjoyed as is, installation will be scheduled when all goods have been received. This takes sometimes as little as a day, sometimes two or more days. Installation is a coordination of many individuals on both the interior design team as well as the delivery and installation crew.

Finishing Touches:
This is the stage at which the bath softgoods and accents, the bed linens, and kitchen china, glassware, and flatware are purchased. Even the refrigerators and pantry are stocked with appropriate grocery and gourmet selections.

At Home:
You are invited to come home. To date you have not visited the house in process as I prefer that the reveal be a truly special experience. Maintaining the magic of design means that you don’t see the process beyond the parts of it you approve. This enables you to focus on your priorities, while I and my team focus on your home.

Housewarming Celebration:
I work with you to provide a housewarming event, large or small, to celebrate your new haven. I coordinate the d├ęcor, the caterer, and ensure a welcoming experience by one and all.

How You Contribute to the Process